Ars-Art faces backlash after accusing OG of alleged drug use during The International 2019. Read on to find out more!

Russian broadcast talent Ars-Art a.k.a. RuHub.Smile took it to Twitch to say the possibility of OG using drugs while on their TI9 run on Tuesday. During Ars-Art’s stream, he suggested they were using “Adderall”.

If you don’t know what Adderall is, it’s a performance-enhancing drug that can last for a short while.

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Although it’s very unlikely that OG was using this drug, the Twitch streamer backed up his statements as OG appeared on The International stage with a brand new addition to the team, a sports psychologist.

Mia Stellberg is a sports psychologist from Finland who has worked with many esports teams. She is currently responsible for Team OG’s mental wellbeing. According to OG’s Ceb, Mia coming to their team was a big help. Before she went to the team, OG’s morale was really on the low after being declined of scrim requests from strong teams like Secret, Liquid, and Virtus.Pro. Mia helped them to become mentally stronger and to be able to thrive under pressure.

Out of context?

Meanwhile, although Ars-Art already took down his Twitch stream, netizens were quick to spot these baseless accusations and had a thing or two to say to the former Dota 2 veteran.

“(1) where’s proof (2) why wait until TI ended before saying anything. could have informed pgl or valve employees during TI.”

“It’s free real estate drama content. Smile is actually the most two-faced person on RU panel. He’s trying hard looking nice and professional on the panel. But on his own streams and behind the curtain he’s just butt burning and spitting shit all the time. Look like he’s just mad about dyed pink hair.”

Smile, realizing his mistake, apologized immediately to OG supporters saying: “I apologize to the OG team and the eSports community. I spoke out extremely unsuccessfully, focusing on unreliable rumors about medicines and commenting on their game in a similar manner. OG is the true champions to prove this for the second year in a row!”

A Ukrainian caster, v1lat came to the rescue for Smile, explaining about the misunderstanding. According to Vitalii, Ars-Art was taken out of context. The caster explained that Ars-Art was just considering it as a “possibility”.

The real deal

As much as we would like some drama, OG’s win in TI9 is a hard-earned one. We saw them lose only two games from the play-offs. And this goes without saying, if there were any drugs involved, Valve would have to immediately step in.

We should also consider that Adderall is a prescription drug so you can’t just get it out of nowhere. Only registered doctors can give out prescriptions. So where the hell would OG get these drugs? It would possible if they would buy it from a sketchy seller but that seems very unlikely. We have seen OG since TI8 and they don’t seem the type to use drugs.

Although, indeed, there is still no drug testing process when it comes to esports, so until then, we are–and will always be–hoping for a healthier gaming environment.

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