GAMES: Ronin PUBG finished 7th place at the World eSports Challenge 2019

They might not have taken home the chicken dinner but Ronin PUBG managed to snatch the 7th place at the World eSports Challenge 2019!

Ronin PUBG, one of the Philippines representatives at the World eSports Challenge 2019 manage to snag the 7th place. The team took on head-to-head the challenge with the best of the best teams from Korea, China, Malaysia, Japan, and the Philippines. And despite not taking home the championship, they placed 7th in the overall ranking.

World eSports Challenge 2019 is an international amateur esports tournament in South Korea. Hosted by the Gyeonggi Province Office and Gyeonggi Content Agency, they gathered amateur professional teams from different esports games. And for the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, Ronin PUBG, alongside with 5Peaks PUBG represented the country at South Korea.

Ronin PUBG captured a podium finish at 2nd place in the overall rankings with two rounds left. But despite an aggressive headstart, they weren’t able to catch up during the last round. It was a close fight for them but even with placing 7th, the team showed tenacity and good sportsmanship up until the end.

The team Ronin PUBG is lead by Jad “Jadsu” Dee. Together with him are John “JustinWeaver” Navarro, Kalbender “Kalbs” Singh and JD “CheesyKimbap” Villar. Indeed, each of them came from different teams before. But nevertheless, together, they’ve been hailed as the Rank 2 PUBG team in the country, next to ArkAngel’s PUBG team.

But even though they weren’t able to take home the chicken dinner back home, it’s not the last of Ronin PUBG! They’re not the Rank 2 PUBG team for nothing! They’ll be preparing for the next PUBG tournaments both locally and internationally, so you better stay tuned!

Psyched with Ronin PUBG’s appearance and competitiveness at the World eSports Challenge 2019? If you are, then be sure to watch out for them because it ain’t the last time you’ve heard of them! Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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