For Season 4, PUBG serves us the official backstory about the map, Erangel, and how the battle royale came to be.

Back in early 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds kicked off the battle royale craze. You’re thrown from a plan with 99 other players down to an island full of deadly weapons. The goal: kill everybody else and be the last man standing. A simple yet compelling concept. No backstories, just full-on fighting. But it seems that we’re getting a glimpse of the story of how PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds came to life.

After the announcement of Season 4, PUBG included a backstory to hype it up. It sounds cuckoo bonkers but the backstory ain’t something you expected it to be. The trailer follows the narration of a grown man. He narrates his childhood in Erangel, the game’s first map. According to him, he was the lone survivor of an unknown war conflict in Enrangel. Growing up, he learned to survive on his own and became obsessed with the thought of survival.

It seems like he rebuilt Erangel from the ground up. Not for repopulating it. But to organize an entire battle royale and “bring out the strength and survival skills” of every participant. It even shows him watching the players through surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras all over the island. For his entertainment? Probably. And that’s creepy as hell if you ask me.

Is he PlayerUknown?

Possibly, yes. If he’s the one who organized the whole battle royale in his so-called Battlegrounds then it checks out that he’s PlayerUnknown. But that revelation keeps the questions popping. Like what conflict happened in Erangel before it got leveled? Are the Battlegrounds known by the public? How does he get people to participate in the fight-to-the-death craze?

Anyway, alongside with the backstory trailer, Season 4 brings new changes to PUBG. This includes adjustments in the map, giving it more personality and history. At the same time, there are some weapon and item balance changes.

Be sure to check out PUBG and its new update for Season 4. It’s now live in the PC test server!

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