Wait… what? The official PlayStation UK Twitter page said that the “X” button on the PS4 controller is actually a “Cross”? Which is it then, “Cross” or “X”?

The internet has had many debates. Pineapples on Pizza, The Dress, Yanny or Laurel, and now Cross or X? So last Friday, September 6, the official Twitter account of PlayStation UK chimed in on one of the most debated things in console-gaming history. What is the southmost button on the right keypad of the PS4 controller called? “Cross” or “X”? And this is what they said:

My life is a lie!

Well, we don’t know about you but it’s like we’ve lived a lie! Because we’ve always called it “X”! So it just makes us wonder what else we were wrong about this whole time??

We’ve been beaten by science

One user, couldn’t help himself over such an obvious debacle that he took to explain it in a scientific way.

Well, sorry Mr. Science Guy! So there, if you’re a believer of science here’s your answer. Crosses make squares and X’s make rectangles! So that makes the symbol on the PS4 controller a “Cross”!

Being Filipino

But we’re still not buying it! I guess the disbelief also has something to do with being Filipino. Because when we say “Cross” our minds instantly go to Jesus! It’s just that we’re a predominantly Catholic country, can you blame us? Thou shall not use the Lord’s cross in vain! LOL.

Pizza is the answer

So for the sake of peace, why don’t we just all have some pizza. And here’s a thought, why don’t we just name the buttons after pizza!

So we’re sorry PlayStation! But no matter what you say, we’ll always refer to it as the “X” button. So call it what you want officially, but it’s just easier for all of us to agree to disagree! #SorryNotSorry

So what do you think about this whole debate? Are you team “X” or “Cross”? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.