GAMES: Project Xandata releases new teaser

Xandats, gear up! Project Xandata released their first 2019 teaser and we can’t get enough of it! Does this mean an upcoming beta testing? We want in!

Before Apex Legends, the local gaming community in the country has Project Xandata. If you’ve ever been into gaming conventions in the country like the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS), you’ve probably stumbled upon Project Xandata’s booth. Since it’s open and closed beta testing, a lot of fans have been waiting for the launch of the game. And just recently, a new trailer dropped from Secret 6, revealing new locations and gear.

Proudly Filipino-made, project Xandata promotes Filipino ingenuity. It’s not your typical competitive team-based first-person shooter game because of the expansive customization system it has. Project Xandata integrates science fiction, fantasy and Philippine mythology into one delightful world of engaging shooting experience. Unlike other first-person shooting games, Project Xandata allows players to customize their Xandats, from their class type, guns and gears and special abilities. There’s a wide set of guns and artillery to choose from. There are three class types; Agent, Marksman and Juggernaut. All three class types have different abilities to choose from, including their ultimates.

In the 30-second trailer they released, it appears that we are getting new battle locations. The visuals are stunning, the same goes with the newly added smooth movements of the characters. In addition to that, we’ll be seeing new guns and gear along the way too. And I just can’t wait till the closed beta. According to their Facebook updates, there will be new pop culture references (some from Matrix movie) integrated into the skills and movements of the characters.

No announcements yet for the closed beta of Project Xandata. But we’re definitely feeling that something will be happening for Project Xandata sometime soon. So tune in to their Facebook page to be updated about it!

I’m excited play Project Xandata once again. Have you played it though? If not, then you better watch out for it! Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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