Assemble an elite team of angels to protect Gaia and defeat the AI, Genesis, in Chamoji’s new game, Murasaki7!

If you enjoy the likes of Honkai Impact 3rd, then you’d surely love Murasaki7. This up-and-coming puzzler-RPG from Chamoji opens up a new immersive gaming experience for everyone.

The game follows the story of the planet, Gaia and its imminent destruction. With technology so advance, the habitants of Gaia created a supercomputer AI that will help them rule over the planet. It was supposed to be incorruptible. However, it became sentient and plans to put the whole planet in perpetual slumber. So as Ellie Reigns, you must defeat Genesis to restore the planet’s balance. You will be tasked to gather the remaining angels and the Legendary Weapons that will help you defeat the planet’s AI, Genesis.

What to expect?

There are five modes to be introduced in the game. First up is the story mode, a linear-based campaign that you’ll have to play through as Ellie Reigns. Unlike your typical RPGs, Murasaki7 will have gem puzzles instead that will help you make your move in the game. Along the way, you’ll be able to acquire other characters like Hale, Naomi, Lexy, and Lily. You can get limited-edition skins from the in-game gacha!

Aside from the Story Mode, there’s also the PvP mode, Blitz Raid for raiding enemy bosses, Friendship Quest that will help you work with allies and Daily Missions.

Of course, there will be leaderboards as well. So you’ll have to make sure that your team is top-caliber among others.

Murasaki7 hasn’t completely launched on all platforms. But pre-registrations are still up and running. And if you pre-register now, you’ll be able to get amazing rewards as well! So watch out for it!

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