Pushing boundaries and dominating their enemies, Pacific Pink seals the deal as the FSL Dota 2 champions!

After showcasing a dominating streak during the FSL Dota Playoffs, Philippines’ pride Pacific Pink snags the championship title in a breeze.

Starting strong, Pacific Pink shows their dominance in the whole tournament run. Being seeded in the Upper Bracket directly to the Playoffs, they got an advantage among their competitors. But this not made them complacent as one misplay could cost them their chance to win. Team after team, Pacific Pink showed their strength and how much they’ve improved for the past few months.

As they faced their fellow Filipinas, Rajoro Wings, ladies of Pacific Pink really showed who’s the boss. The experience gap between them can be seen, not only in the drafting phase but in the laning phase as well. Though Rajoro Wings managed to defeat the previous champions, Asterisk, they weren’t able to stop Pacific Pink’s dominant run.

Up until the Grand Finals with Ascende Superius, Pacific Pink never let their guard down. Using their aggressive strat, they managed to put on a leash to Ascende Superius early on every game. Using this strategy, Pacific Pink secured an advantage that they can abuse for the mid game and late game as well.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Ascende Superius wasn’t able to bounce back in Game 2. Though they tried to compensate for their loss with keeping up with Pacific Pink, they failed to do so. Pacific Pink’s rotations, thanks to KJ and Naomi, gained the success of the laning game. And in just less than 25 minutes, they closed the game, ending the series in 2 – 0. A clean sweep victory for Pacific Pink.

With that win, Pacific Pink is now the new crown FSL Dota 2 champions.

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