Is the TI curse real? Seems like it is as TI8 Champions, OG loses to underdogs Gambit Esports, in a one-sided 3-0 score.

It’s been eight years since the very first The International where the TI Curse started. And the odd phenomenon is where reigning champions fail to find their groove for future events. Either they fall out of the scene, change rosters or just can’t keep with the meta. And it seems to have caught up with the new reigning champs, OG.

After their unexpected victory in The International 8, OG found themselves having a hard time this DPC season. Since Anathan “ana Pham, their position 1 player took a break, they’ve been experimenting with other players for their stand-in. They first took Per Anders “Pajkatt” Olssen Lille but after two months, he left and was replaced by Igor “iLTW” Filavov.

Despite their roster change, the team wasn’t able to find a stable footing. During Pajkatt’s stay, OG wasn’t able to qualify for Chongqing Major, the very first major for the DPC Circuit. And just recently, with iLTW on the team, they lost to Gambit Esports in the Grand Finals of the WePlay Winter Madness. It seems like OG can’t escape the TI curse.

iLTW as the core was definitely a great choice for the team. He was able to help OG dominate the whole series. Not until the Grand Finals. It was a Best-Of-Five match where they lost 3-0 over Gambit Esports. They just didn’t lose, they were bulldozed by the underdog team. It really shocked everyone and painful for OG since it looked like the matches were all one-sided and all in favor Gambit Esports.

The first game only lasted 18 minutes. OG lost drastically over Daxak’s Meepo while iLTW’s Anti Mage didn’t come online during the early game. On the second game, it went on a full 40 minutes but was a bigger smack on the face for OG. Gambit Esports won the 2nd match with 41-14. While on the last match, Gambit Esports dominated it with 39-13. iLTW’s Terrorblade during the 3rd game had 8 deaths and no kills. Yikes. It was actually painful to watch as the TI champions lost with such scores.

Gambit Esports won 3-0 and took home the $50,000 prize money.

Is this the TI curse coming for the new TI champions? Is the TI curse really real? Because if it is, then OG won’t be having a bit of good luck this DPC season.

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