After making xenophobic and racist comments in a pub game, OG.Ceb finds himself under the judgment of the whole Dota community!

Just recently, Sebastien “Ceb” Debs received hate after making racist comments during an European pub game. Apparently, he made distasteful remarks to his Russian teammate that got everyone’s attention. One of his teammates at that moment, took a screenshot and uploaded it on Reddit. And it blew up the whole Dota community.

And in just a few hours, people began to call out Ceb for his rude behavior. This wasn’t the first time that professional players made racist remarks during a pub game. After the incident with TNC.Predator’s Carlo “Kuku” Palad and the Chinese government, pro players are under scrutinizing eyes for their actions and behavior. Be it either in game or real life.

And since Ceb has been one of the prominent personalities in the community, the backlash he got was indeed huge. He’s not just a random pro-player but a respectable playing coach of OG and TI champion as well.

What happened?

“I warned him that I really needed the Aegis, because this is a pretty hard game for the storm. But he simply silently picks up the aegis.”

So here’s what happened. During an EU pub game, Ceb picked up the Aegis even when his Storm Spirit teammate told him he’d get it. Then, the Storm Spirit player, instead of going for an initiation, decided to farm for his Orchid of Malevolence in the mean time. However, Ceb died twice after taking the Aegis for himself. Because of that, the Storm Spirit player then said: “Well played, Ceb, good implementation of Aegis”.

This got Ceb going and began flaming his teammate. Surprisingly, he went on full rage mode, spouting demeaning comments againts Russian players. Despite Ceb’s standing in the community, people can’t dismiss his actions and words.

Ceb’s apology

Since the issue blew up in just a matter of hours, Ceb immediately posted a public apology. One day wiser, he said in his TwitLonger post. He admitted that it was indeed stupid of him to say such things. Especially being a renown personality in the Dota community. It does not exempt him from his immaturity, even it’s just a pub game. Indeed, he’s been playing along with Russian players for a long time. He’ve made friends with Russians, in and out of the game. And it’s nothing but disappointment on his own self for being insensitive in that matter.

Despite his apology and acknowledgment of his mistake, Ceb expressed that he takes full responsibility for his actions. And it did help let the issue die down for a bit.

VP.Solo’s Reaction

However, in amidst of the controversy, Captain of Russian powerhouse, Aleksey ‘Solo” Berezin, expressed his opinion about Ceb. As a proud Russian player, it saddens him to hear or read those kinds of comments. Especially coming from a respectable and deemed personality like Ceb himself. True, players, be it a pro or an amateur player loses their temper sometimes. But the appalling comments about Russians were uncalled for.

In his post in VK, Solo said that Kuku had to be banned for something that’s far less insulting. And to think that Valve had to get involved with that issue as well. Truth to be told, Solo had his fair share of immature experience from the past. But he took his punishment and learned from it. But even with the public apology of Ceb, it doesn’t make it any better. The damage has been done. And if Valve doesn’t step in to make things right, then it won’t change anything in the community. But that’s not all. He even announced that he won’t be participating at the Epicenter Major, a Valve-sanctioned tournament if no necessary steps were taken. (Overkill.)

As of now, Valve hasn’t released any statements regarding the issue between Ceb and the racist comments. However, of course, it’s still the talk of the town since racist comments had been a problem from the past. Everyone’s looking forward as to how this controversy would unfold in the next couple of days. Especially with Epicenter Major coming up.

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