Apparently the cheating allegations are real. And Nexplay Esports does what they have to do: let go of their team members. A heartbreaking read, indeed.

A few days ago, it has come to Nexplay Esports’ attention that a few of their AOV team members are being accused of cheating at ESL Asia. Indeed, it was a heavy accusation. Especially for a rising esports team in the industry. And of course, heavy accusations that turns out to be true becomes heavy penalties. And no good deed goes unpunished.

With this regard, it is our responsibility to let go of the said 2 players “Kazekiro” and “Arashee” from the esports team and enforce to them the due consequences of their actions.

After ESL Asia cascaded the suspicions among their players, Nexplay Esports immediately released a statement. The allegations were lately cascaded, the organization ran a thorough investigation about it. And just recently, they “sadly” informed the public about the allegations being true.

Apparently, 2 of their AOV players used pilot or ringers during the online qualifiers. Pilot or piloting refers to the act of people with higher skills use your account in your stead. Usually done discreetly, of course, to avoid angering other players for resulting in a game misconduct. Be it either official or amateur competitive tournaments, piloting ain’t tolerated. At all.

Nexplay Esports has just started their run in the professional competitive scene. And this stunt can tarnish their reputation if not resolved appropriately. So the organization decided to let go “Kazekiro” and “Arashee” from their AOV roster.

Indeed, this caused great disappointment not only for the organization. But also to the community and ESL Asia. However, they reiterated that this incident will have them strive harder for a better future. Because Nexplay Esports strives for integrity, truth, and excellence.

No further news yet from Nexplay Esports nor from ESL Asia. But if there’s one thing we know of, that they’ve dealt with the issue professionally.

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