This is just heartbreaking.

No one can ever really describe the feeling of grief after losing a loved one. But if I were to tell you that there was a way you can meet them again and have closure, would you take on the chance?

On February 6, South Korean TV network MCB shared a video on YouTube titled, Meeting You, showing a mother reuniting with her deceased daughter thanks to virtual reality.

Three years ago, Jang JiSung lost her seven-year-old daughter, Na Yeon, to a disease. During that time, she becomes obsessed with her sudden loss, even placing her daughter’s photos everywhere. But now, she will finally reunite with her and have one last proper goodbye.

In the clip, we see Jang attempting to feel her daughter while Na Yeon in her recreated voice: “Mum, where have you been? Did you think of me?” The fateful meeting ended with Nayeon in bed, saying “Goodbye, mum, I love you” to which Jang replied, “me too”.

Catch the full video here:

Danger in the long run?

After watching the video, we were honestly heartbroken by the overflowing emotions of Jang JiSung yet, this raises a bigger issue among many. Will this have an effect on one’s ability to accept death and let go? Even Albert Einstein once said: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.”

As for Jang’s case, in her interview at the end of the video, she said that she felt good reconnecting with her daughter. After she lost her so suddenly, this was the only chance to say a proper goodbye. And that was the whole point in the first place.

Although this might not be the case for everybody but, as of now, we still don’t know virtual reality’s availability to the market. So as long as it’s kept in moderation, it’s done in good faith. Agree?

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