Apparently, there’s more to Moskov than just being an annoying, hard-to-kill, marksman.

Currently standing at number 3 on Youtube’s trending videos for gaming is the newly released cinematic trailer for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s upcoming hero, Khaleed. We’ve recently looked into this hero’s skills and attributes based on what he offered on the advanced server, and on July 25, Moonton finally unveiled the fighter’s background story.

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We’ve learned that his arrival in the MLBB world serves as an act of revenge and redemption, story-wise. Titled ‘Khaleed’s Vengeance,’ the trailer introduces fans to a raging war between Khaleed and Khufra in a desert. It begins with that scene: a face-off between these two heroes.

“For this land, to the last breath, we fight!” Cried a soldier as Khaleed and his army geared up to charge into battle.

“It’s time for me to avenge you, brother,” said a vengeful Khaleed as the video centered on the pointed head of a spear– soon to be revealed as Moskov’s primary weapon.

“I recognize that spear,” replied Khufra, who is– gameplay-wise– one of the most intimidating tanks that can dominate a match if used with precise timing and of course, with quick, responsive teammates.

A quick flashback

According to Mobile Wikia Legends, Khaleed is the prince of Artha Clan who has vowed to protect the land alongside Moskov against invaders. Moskov is the leader of Wildsand Clan and is in a pact with Khaleed. Khufra, a tyrant leader, once attempted to destroy them but was defeated.

Another group called Thornwolf Clan came and declared a war against the alliance. The duo of Khaleed and Moskov led the army against this new clan of invaders and won… almost. Just as they were successfully defeating Thornwolf Clan, the enemies retreated and went to Tihuacan, the Ancient City, to break the seal that was binding Khufra.

Newly resurrected, Khufra sent massive sandstorms across the desert, and along with it rose up his sand monsters.

Things did not go well between Khaleed and Moskov. The prince wanted to retreat and prepare for future conflicts, but Moskov, seeing his friend’s plan as an act of cowardice, felt the urge to continue the fight. As Khaleed’s clan pulled back, Moskov led his people into the battle, eager to prove himself. Unfortunately, Moskov’s decision led to a massacre. When Khaleed came back alone to save his friend, he saw nothing but dead bodies. Moskov had gone missing.

The present

Going back to the trailer, we can assume it’s a skip into the future. Khaleed and his clan have prepared and are now ready to put an end to Khufra. Leading the charge, the prince slashes his way across the sand monsters until he reaches his main target. Making than one final dash, he slashes Khufra’s Orb of Sand, the artifact that’s keeping him powerful. “Your reign ends here, tyrant,” declares Khaleed, sending Khufra and his monsters falling back.

However, just as Khaleed promises his old friend to carry on with his legacy, Moskov’s spear suddenly goes ablaze and transforms into a sinister-looking form. The video fades into black and then flashes the face of Moskov, revealing that he’s alive, resentful, and is plotting revenge against Khaleed.

For a complete experience, check out the trailer below!


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