Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has a new patch complete with revamped heroes, bug fixes, and many more!

Moonton, the developer of MLBB, just updated a new patch on advanced servers. A preview of Patch 1.4.06 was posted on Mobile Legends’ official Instagram account. The update includes hero changes, bug, and penalty fixes, live stream and evolve mode upgrades and the new Speedy Version.

Revamped Bruno and bug fix

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According to Moonton, Bruno or “The Protector of Antoinerei” will now hit his powerball directly to the target dealing physical damage and slowing the enemies. The powerball can be rebounded to Bruno when hitting enemy heroes. Bruno or his teammates can pick up the powerball to reduce the cooldown of his skill, Flying Tackle. For his ultimate skill, Wave of the World, the energy ball will now bounce to enemy heroes up to 10 times and deal additional damage per hit.

Livestream and Evolve Mode upgrade

For those who want to be MLBB streamers, Moonton added a set of processes for registering as a streamer in Mobile Legends’ new patch! In case you didn’t know, it includes reaching a rank division of Master first to become a “common” live streamer.  Titles will upgrade as you get higher ranks. Second is to become a part of the Top 5000 on any kind of leaderboards in Mobile Legends.

The benefit of becoming a streamer is mainly to receive diamonds from watchers to be used in-game purchases. In addition, audiences can give streamers gifts depending on their performance.

As for the optimization of Evolve Mode, it includes a new art design and a new skill, “sprint”, for The Devil. Smaller safe areas were also developed to create a more intense battlefield. Moonton also nerfed and buffed heroes for a more balanced and fair game.

Bug fixes & AFK penalties

The new patch also resolved the bug issue of where skills that can store charges would activate at the start of the match. It also adjusted the problem where players who had Roaming Equipment were unable to gain benefits from minions and creeps while teammates died. Lastly, Moonton fixed an issue where Custom Tank Emblems — Attack and Defense — would not take effect in time and the issue when selling Holy Crystal.

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Moonton made the game less toxic by adding more penalties for AFK behaviors. It includes losing more credit scores and will be banned from MCL for weeks or months. They have also decided to only let players who have more than 100 credit scores to participate in MCL.

“Speedy Version”

The biggest thing to look out for in patch 1.4.06 is the brand new “Speedy Version”. Moonton hopes for a more improved game engine that’s why they developed a faster version of Mobile Legends. Moonton claims you can now log in the game within a 10-second waiting time unlike before which usually takes 30 seconds. The game loading screen before battles were also reduced to 60% meaning, it’ll only take 5 seconds for you to enjoy your game!

Just when you thought it can’t get any better, Moonton also claims it will increase the game fps by 10% for a smoother battle. Try the Speedy Version now so that you can have exclusive benefits like free heroes, avatar frames, and many more.

Login Mobile Legends: Bang Bang now to see the updates for yourself in their events section!

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