GAMES: Mobile Legends kicks off 515 Unite event with a song

Mobile Legends just got better! To kickstart their 515 Unite event, Moonton released a song accompanying the event. 

Just recently, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang announced a new event called 515 Unite. Of course, there will be tons of surprises from the developers themselves. And definitely, players can and will indulge themselves with a whole lot of treats. So, to hype up the mood, MLBB shares a song to keep the adrenaline rushing for the upcoming event this May!

515 Unite poses a new spectacle ahead for the Land of Dawn. For this one-month long event, players will get amazing rewards like free skins, free access to all heroes and a new hero as well. Aside from that, there will be new game modes to be added. The Evolve Mode and Ravage Mode will be introduced. 

And for the song for the whole event, it remains untitled but fans have leaked the full version of the song. It’s performed and written by UK based pop singer-songwriter, Shorelle. It’s an electro-pop song with hooker rap lyrics and catchy beats. Somehow, you can say that the musical arrangement of the song is quite similar to some upbeat Kpop songs. It appears that the singer might be the one behind Fanny’s voice in the game. Indeed, the lyrics are quite simple and straightforward but the song as a whole is powerful. But it captures how it feels like when you play the game and dominate it. It really catches up on you and hypes you up. Perfect for the upcoming 515 Unite event and while playing Mobile Legends. 

But there’s a catch! Some people are commenting on how the 515 Unite song sounds like League of Legends’ K/DA’s POP/STARS. Despite POP/STARS being a full-blown Kpop song, you can’t deny the similarities it has with the 515 Unite song. The similarities of the two MOBA games have been a long-standing issue among the gaming community. However, even with that kind of issue, fans are still excited about what will unfold at the 515 Unite event!

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