It’s like she has her own Arrival spell as her ultimate skill, and she can carry her teammates with it.


You might have been using the Arrival spell for certain heroes because you’re too lazy to walk around the arena to get to your destination. You probably got addicted to playing  Johnson on Mayhem Mode because of his enhanced ultimate skill that could get all his 4 teammates into one ride and transport them to the enemy position.

Yi ‘Yin Yang Geomancer’, the latest hero on Mobile Legends Bang Bang released on the advanced server, has that teleportation skill that can carry not only herself but all of her allies. This potentially OP hero belongs under the class of Mage and has the specialty of damage and crowd control.

Yi’s attributes based on Mobile Legends Wiki.

As a brand-new release, not much can be learned about this hero’s attributes, yet. But seeing on several gameplays, we might be expecting the latest troll queen.

Yi is good for


  • Chasing down escaping enemies with low HP. Nana’s passive can now choke.
  • Protecting turrets. If an enemy is stealing one from your team, you can catch them in an instant.
  • Initiating clashes. As your teleportation skill is loading up, your teammates within your range can start launching an attack, and so by the time you get to our destination, your team’s skills will come landing on the target enemies. (Think of it like the Johnson+Odette combo but you’ve got your entire team attacking in unison.
  • Evading attacks and escaping deaths.
  • Teleporting your allies. If you’re trolling and you wanna steal buffs they’ve worked hard obtaining, you may cast your ultimate skill on them at the last minute and get the last kill.
  • Putting an ally into danger. This is another trolling gimmick that we discourage, but when you feel like killing a teammate for fun, you can actually send them to the opponents’ tower or an enemy hero that could kill them in an instant. (It’s like Jawhead but more brutal.)

As of now, since Yi is still in the works, we haven’t heard about a potion that can counter Yi’s unique but super annoying skill. It’s up to the developers how Yi’s gonna affect the future of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. But if there’s one thing we’re sure, it’s that she’s gonna be another OP hero to join the banned ones.

What do you think about Yi Yin Yang Geomancer?

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