Listen up MLBB and KOF fans! Moonton, developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) just released three EPIC skins in collaboration with King of Fighters (KOF).

You heard it here first! MLBB posted on its event page a teaser video of their upcoming skin collaboration with KOF and showed the character profiles of the heroes with its theme: “Keep Fighting, Never Surrender! Don’t succumb to defeat and never surrender, this is the K.O. Spirit that we insist on. Now, awaken your fighting will and go battle!”

Fans hinted that one of the skin collabs might be Kula Diamond, a KOF character. She’s one of the experiments from a lab called “NEST(S)” in KOF and has an ice power that can dominate enemies. And guess what? She will be the incoming skin of MLBB hero, Aurora. 

Together with Kula Diamond is K’ of KOF, who debuted as the leader of the Hero Team in The King of Fighters ’99. He will be the skin for assassin and mage hero of MLBB, Gusion.

Lastly is Orochi Chris or Chris of the Flames of Destiny, he is an alternate form of the KOF original character, Chris. Orochi Chris will be the skin for MLBB’s newest hero, Dyrroth.

In case you’re wondering, KOF is a series of fighting games and is considered as a pioneer of its kind since 1994. While MLBB is a fresh multiplayer online battle arena mobile game that has garnered millions of fans especially in South Asia. 

Well, this isn’t the only collab MLBB did with KOF. The first one was the Athena Asamiya skin (KOF) for MLBB’s newest hero that time–Guinevere. While the second KOF hero skin was Leona Heidern, for MLBB hero, Karina. The latest collaboration skin was for MLBB hero, Chou, with the Iori Yagami KOF skin. 

Now, both KOF and MLBB fans can sit down and discuss their favorite characters together. You’ll be able to purchase these skins on August 20, 2019. What are you waiting for? Keep Fighting, Never Surrender!

So if you haven’t watched MLBB’s teaser video, watch it here now:

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