After a long time of waiting, Montoon has finally released Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s new hero, Vale the Windtalker.

Vale the Windtalker is a new addition to the mage heroes in the ML hero pool. According to the ML storyline, Vale is the brother of Valir. Unlike his brother Valir, Vale controls wind instead. Vale was already known to almost all ML players worldwide because he was released in the Test Servers. It took almost a year for Montoon to release him in the Original Servers. Players speculated that it took some time for Vale to be stable because of being underpowered or overpowered.

Mobile Legends has finally released the newest hero, Vale the Windtalker. It has been long overdue with the release of Vale. But due to public demand and the leak of how versatile this new mage hero is, Montoon has answered the community’s prayers.

As mentioned before, Vale controls the wind. His passive skill, Windtalk, allows him to improve his skills whenever he upgrades his ultimate. With Wind Blade, his first skill, Vale unleashes two wind blades towards the left and right of a designated area. When Vale upgrades his ultimate, he can choose to upgrade Wind Blade‘s area-of-effect or the damage output.

On the other hand, Vale’s second skill is Windblow. He sends out a whirlwind forward, dealing damage to the target. If he chooses to upgrade Windblow after upgrading his ultimate, he can add a stun effect or a knock-up effect. And lastly, Vale’s ultimate skill is Windstorm. He summons a windstorm in the are-of-effect. After 1 second, the windstorm explodes, dealing pure damage and amplified by his total Magic Power. When he upgrades Windstorm, he can either increase the damage output or add a control effect to the skill.

Vale is already available in the Mobile Legends store. There also two skins for him, Cerulean Winds and Perhelion Wanderer.

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