What a great day for SEA fans as Mineski and Fnatic earn their slots for the Stockholm Major!

The SEA Closed Qualifiers for DreamLeague Season 11 The Stockholm Major ended in a good note. The Stockholm Major will be third Major for the DPC Season 2018 – 2019. And representing Southeast Asia Region are the kings, Mineski and Fnatic. These two teams have secured their slot for the Stockholm Major on March 14 – 24, 2019 at Stockholm, Sweden.

Fnatic was the first one to take their well-deserved spot in the Upper Bracket Finals for the SEA Qualifiers. They were against Mineski, one of the powerhouse teams in SEA region. Surprisingly, during the Bo3 series against Mineski, they showed immense prowess and strategic thinking using niche heroes. They had Lifestealer pick that they made work during one of the matches. Despite Mineski getting the upper hand during the early game, Fnatic never wavered. They won 2 – 1 with Mineski, securing their slot for the Major and sending Mineski down to the Lower Bracket finals.

On the other hand, Mineski had to win the Loser Bracket Finals match in order to secure the last slot. Mineski has to wait for the match-up between Lotac vs BOOM ID to finish to determine who their opponent is. And it was BOOM ID whom Mineski too on head-to-head. Indeed, BOOM ID gave their best shot against Mineski. But Mineski’s brute force pursued. Despite the seemingly even grounds for both teams, Mineski always has an ace up their sleeve.

Mineski was able to convert their early leads into solid victories as the game progressed. Team fights after team fights, Mineski showed BOOM ID that they weren’t hailed as a powerhouse in the SEA for nothing. After the Bo3 series against BOOM ID, Mineski was able to claim the last spot for the SEA Region together with Fnatic.

Both teams will join 14 more teams from other regions to compete for the spoils of the prize pool of $1,000,000 USD and 15,000 DPC points in March 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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