After celebrating its 10th anniversary, Minecraft returns! And this time, it proves itself worthwhile than before.

Mojang’s phenomenal sandbox video game Minecraft took a long drag for a couple of months. At some point, people called it a “dead game”. But as their 10th anniversary rolled in earlier this year, the hype for it skyrocketed once more. And everyone’s question is “Why?”.

For quite some time, we’re seeing a lot of streamers and Youtubers back to their roots: Minecraft. Not that we’re complaining but it’s looking particularly fun this time, not only for kids. But especially for every adult gamer too. And we took the liberty of checking out what’s with the hype this time.

Well, it’s their 10th anniversary

Okay, so it might be a little too late but Minecraft actually celebrated its 10 birthday this year. And as we all know, 10th anniversaries or birthdays are supposed to be remarkable. Or something. But this did work.

After its decline, it lost a number of players. People began talking about Minecraft again. Somehow, Minecraft felt like a nostalgic classic hit game. But like every classic hit games on the verge of “dying down”, it’s bound to get better when it hits another milestone. And staying true to that, Mojang used this publicity to gain traction once more because Minecraft isn’t done yet. Not today.

Great 2019 updates

Despite the simplicity of the game in terms of design, Minecraft holds one of the most complex game mechanics you can ever imagine. If you think sandbox video games are all just creating, then you’re wrong. Minecraft proved that it isn’t just building worlds. Exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat. Even creating mods with customized game mechanics. You literally have a whole world to control in the palm of your hand.

But they take it up a notch with new updates in 2019. They released the “Update Aquatic” and “Village and Pillage” update to broaden the horizons of players. New features were added, like NPCs, creatures, environment, and items. The whole open world just got bigger and better. The game doesn’t end in one mission or goal. There’s a whole lot of possibilities to choose from in Minecraft. And even now, they continue to listen to feedback and develop the game for everyone.

Our favorite gamers are playing it AGAIN

People are quick to assume that Minecraft has lost its touch. Because of the popularity of games like Fortnite which attracted a lot of Minecraft players, especially kids. But despite the lack of exposure in media and stream visibility, Minecraft continued to flourish.

But it gained greater traction after famous YouTubers began playing it again for the public. Especially PewDiePie, one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world. His playthroughs of cultivating his “farm” created hype among gamers. And little by little, aside from other famous gamers, Minecraft find its way pique everyone’s interest and show off what it’s made of.

In the somehow “decline” of Minecraft, few games tried to emulate Minecraft’s qualities. Though some are successful in creating a new game with creation-sandbox features, none of them compares to the originality and unpredictability of Minecraft. It doesn’t matter if you lapsed out from Minecraft. Because once you come back, it feels like a new adventure again, every single time.

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