New things are in store for Marvel Ultimate Alliance with the new Curse of the Vampire DLC coming next month!

Mark your calendars because the ‘Marvel Knights’ characters are coming in the ‘Curse of the Vampire’ DLC this September 30. This DLC for the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive release. So you get four new playable characters in this DLC. Adding to the ever-growing number of available characters you can play. This is the first DLC pack that Marvel Ultimate Alliance has ever released. So, let’s meet the new inclusions!

Curse of the Vampire DLC


The new DLC pack is called ‘Curse of the Vampire’, it consists of characters from ‘Marvel Knights’. Namely ‘Blade’, ‘Moon Knight’, ‘Punisher’, and ‘Morbius’. And you can get them when they release on September 30. The ‘Curse of the Vampire’ DLC is the first part of a three-part set of DLCs. Which you can avail of from the Expansion Season Pass for $19.99 or around 1,000php. The season pass will also give you early access to two upcoming packs which will contain X-Men and Fantastic 4 characters.

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise

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Let’s recap a little bit. Players were actually kind of surprised that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 released in July this year. Because it has been a decade since its predecessor was released. Marvel Ultimate Alliance was released back in 2009. And with the success of the MCU in recent years, it makes sense to reboot the game and give the franchise a third installment. And it’s nice to see them tying in characters like ‘Blade’ who will be part of MCU’s Phase 5. Giving the game a feeling of inclusion in the MCU.

Overall Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is your classic beat-em-up game that is just fun to play with friends. And playing as your favorite heroes, getting to experience their powers at your fingertips is always a fun experience. We are definitely looking forward to future updates and DLCs. And don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed too!

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