Planning to ditch Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor? Say no more! Marvel’s got your back with their own MOBA, MARVEL Super War!

It’s on! Marvel Entertainment, in collaboration with NetEase, revealed MARVEL Super War. In hopes to venture to gaming, Marvel brings their very own free-to-play MOBA mobile game to everyone out there.

MARVEL Super War is the same as other MOBA games. But it features your favorite Marvel superheroes and villains to clash against one another. This means you’ll be seeing familiar faces from your favorite Marvel franchise. From the Avengers to X-men. You name it! You’ll get to fight alongside other characters and utilize their skills to dominate the enemy in Wakanda’s battlefield.

Because of the large character pool of Marvel and rich story, the characters on the game possess a variety of balanced skill set. Each character in the game has a unique series of abilities that can turn into powerful combos later on.

What makes MARVEL Super War different

True enough, the market is concentrated with MOBA games. Be it on a computer or mobile phones. However, Marvel boasts the fair combat and balance MARVEL Super War possesses. Unlike other MOBA mobile games, balancing the whole game can be pretty much difficult. With the overhaul brought by rune systems can cause the balance of players to topple. This just means grinding and buying runes gives you more advantage to other players, instead of being skilled in playing. Naturally, Marvel wants to eradicate that kind of system in their game to promote fair play among everyone.

So far, they’ve launched the closed beta testing for Philippines, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It’s available in both Android Google Playstore and iOS App Store. So channel your inner Marvel fanboy and head straight to battle with your friends!

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