If you didn’t get the memo, it’s Snowdown at the Summoner’s Rift! Suit up, summoners! It’s a snowballin’ showdown with great winter surprises!

Gather round, summoners, ’cause things are just about to get crazy! It’s Snowdown at the Summoner’s Rift and we’re getting the best surprises from Riot!

League of Legend‘s annual Snowdown has already started. And the festivities, surprises, and updates came crashing down like an avalanche. With the winter season upon us, Riot has prepared a lot of Snowdown festivities to quench our holiday blues. But before the much-awaited awesome winter updates, a cute Snowdown trailer has teased us with the newest winter skins we can get!

Check out the video below and see what is in store for our favorite champions for the 2018 Snowdown event!

Ain’t it cute? Poro King is as cute as ever! The trailer revealed the Snowdown skins for our Snowdown dream team! I’m definitely excited to try on those Snowdown skins, if I were you. But what’s more is that Snowdown reminds us good sportsmanship in every battle at the Summoner’s Rift! (Take note, Summoners!)

Snowdown Skins

And since Riot unveiled the 2018  Snowdown dream team with their winter ensembles, I’m excited like everybody else! We have Snow Man Yi with his sword carrot. Master Yi becomes a snowman for this time of the year with his ever-handy carrot blade.

Our lovable and sweet Mundo gets a new transformation. This Snowdown, he’s Frozen Prince Mundo and it is just adorable! Despite looking royal and sophisticated, you can’t miss the silliness in his character.

[media-credit name=”Riot Games” align=”alignnone” width=”754″][/media-credit]

Soraka is the new princess in town! She’s Winter Wonder Soraka and she’s garbed with a princess-looking robe and an icy staff to match. The elf ears make her a cute winter sight!

[media-credit name=”Riot Games” align=”alignnone” width=”750″][/media-credit]

For the fourth man, we get Ice King Twitch! He looks very regal and is a dashing debonair with that cape and staff. He’s here to dominate the Snowdown lanes!

[media-credit name=”Riot Games” align=”alignnone” width=”749″][/media-credit]

And last but not the least, the newest addition to the champions, Neeko. On her first Snowdown, she gets to be Winter Wonderland Neeko. Her usual colorful skin is replaced with a one-tone shade of winter but don’t let it fool you! It just makes it easier for her to hide.

All of these skins get 5 chromas available but Winter Wonderland Neeko gets 8 chromas. Other champions also get their gold chromas for Snowdown, so make sure to check them all out. I am so ready to try them on!

Nexus Blitz Primer

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But wait there’s more! We have the fresh and updated Nexus Blitz game mode for everyone. It’s played on a smaller map with two lanes and a jungle. Each team is comprised of three laners and two junglers. It’s quick, thrilling and fun with exciting challenges and bigger rewards!

Nexus Blitz will allow duo jungling! Monster gold and experience are shared by allies and buff camps gives that added buff to two allies at once! If you’re a jungler main, then you’ll definitely enjoy this in Nexus Blitzw with a reliable partner. Two heads are better than one, right? Jungling has never been this so much fun!

There will also be different events, tasks, and challenges in store in Nexus Blitz. And the better the challenges, the greater the rewards you get! Check it out here to see the Nexus Blitz events and rewards this 2018 Snowdown!

So you better suit up! Either you play solos, duos or in groups, the winter festivities will be in favor for those who grind well. Happy 2018 Snowdown, Summoners!

Which skin would you like to try for 2018 Snowdown at the Summoner’s Rift? Would you like to get free skins, items and emotes for the winter special? Let us know your holiday wishes in the comments section below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.