In case you don’t know, the new champion is out causing upset at the Summoner’s Rift! Neeko, the Curious Chameleon is out and about, confusing everyone. Ready for her?

Hailing from a land unknown, Neeko, the Curious Chameleon brings unexpected charm to her enemies. With her astounding shapeshifting abilities, she can be anyone in the Rift!

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Just before League of Legends‘ Snowdown Festivities, they unveil the newest addition to the growing list of champions. So without further ado, LoL presents Neeko, the Curious Chameleon! This new champion is the ultimate deceiver with her shapeshifting abilities and stealth skills. She looks cute but beware, this charmer is armed and dangerous.

Neeko’s Skills

As Neeko, you can easily confuse your enemies with her passive skills, Inherent Glamour. She can copy the appearance of her nearby ally and deceive the heck out of their enemy. It’s so cool! With Inherent Glamour activated, she can surprise them with her skills and disrupt their synergy.

With Blooming Burst (Q), she can rain down a seed to her enemies that have burst multiplies upon contact. Her heavy barrage of Blooming Burst is quite effective when there are minions with low HP. When it kills a minion, a monster or a champion, the next hit will burst twice.

On the other hand, her Shapesplitter (W) allows her to become invisible and send out a clone to a certain direction. This can really confuse her enemy. Not only that, but she also gains brief additional movement speed and bonus magic damage. It can be an escape and a setter skill for a clash.

To make sure that she secures the kill, she has Tangle-Barbs (E). This allows her to shoot a spiral to her enemy, damaging and rooting them as it passes through. The last champion that the spiral hits, they get rooted the longest. The roots and damage also burst if it hits two enemies.

And lastly, her killer ultimate is the Pop Blossom (R). Neeko charges herself before she jumps and slows energy before unleashes damaging blow and stun to her enemies in the area. She briefly gains a shield upon jumping, making her unstoppable. If she’s disguised by Inherent Glamour, enemies won’t see her coming!

Check the video below to see how her skills and combos work. For more details about her skill set, click here.

So ready those Riot Points because buying her won’t be a regret! Let’s dominate the Rift, the Neeko style!

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