Blazing with passion and talent, a new esports team is born. Liyab Esports has come to take the esports community by storm!

Just recently, Globe Telecom and Mineski had announced the creation of the newest professional esports team, Liyab Esports. So far, Liyab Esports plans to have their teams and players participate in both local and international leagues.

“Liyab will be the symbol of the country’s burning passion and pride in global esports events.” – Ernest Cu, Globe CEO

During the unveiling of Liyab Esports, Globe mentioned they will be competing in three different games; League of Legends, Arena of Valor and Hearthstone.

Enerst Cu said that the creation of the team is part of their Globe Games and Esports Program. They have been very open to the idea of penetrating the esports industry. In that being the case, the company has consistently taken part in esports events with Mineski. Like Mineski, Globe wants to accelerate the development of esports in the country. So what better step to take than start the program within themselves, right?

Not only they want to promote the skills of Filipino players but start an awareness within the community. Ronald Robins, Mineski’s President, and CEO mentioned that they want to create a positive and professional outlook for aspiring talents. Aside from that, both companies promote responsible gaming to overcome the stigma of games in society. Since there’s a negative stigma about it, they want to decrease it and influence the next generation of esports stars in the country.

On the other hand, the current teams and players under Liyab’s banner have already proven themselves in their respective playing grounds. Liyab’s League of Legends team participated in the 2013 League of Legends World Championship. Same with their Arena of Valor team who participated in Globe Philippine Pro Gaming League Season 3. And lastly, Hearthstone player Cara Vergel De Dios has been consistently winning in numerous of Hearthstone tournaments.

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