GAMES: League of Legends launches their own Auto Chess version, Teamfight Tactics

League of Legends closes in on the “autobattler” competition as they launch Teamfight Tactics game mode!

With Dota Auto Chess gaining fame, no wonder there are a lot of “autobattler” games coming up. And being one of the biggest games in the industry, League of Legends doesn’t want to get left behind with the new hype. Just recently, they announced a new game mode called Teamfight Tactics. And yes, it’s heavily inspired by Dota Auto Chess.

LoL Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is basically much like Dota Auto Chess itself. You buy and upgrade your champions (chess pieces) from the shop. Then have them fight automatically at the chessboard. And be the last man standing against other players competing. It’s quite time-consuming, especially with the numerous rounds you’d have to go through the whole game itself. But despite that, the simplicity and complexity of the game mechanics make it addicting for everyone.

True enough, Teamfight Tactics relied on the base mechanics of Auto Chess. But they did some modifications to make it more like of their own. Instead of a traditional chess board design, they opted for the hexagonal game board. Your player avatar or “little legends” get to play in the chess board too.

For basic item drops, once a unit carries two items, it would immediately combine it to create a greater weapon. They also added a Shared Draft where players can select from a pool of free heroes for a couple of rounds. But as the game progresses, this feature lets low health players choose first to help them get back to their feet. It’s a good mechanic as it helps build the momentum of a possible comeback for the players.

Their modifications indeed improved the base game itself. And of course, added personality to make it like their own. However, despite the positive reactions from players, some people find fault. Some people state that it’s just basically a rip-off. And nothing more. True, but in the gaming industry, every game is a mirror of another. Some drew heavy influence from the other and improve it to make a new one. That’s how it works, you sour puss.

Anyway, Teamfight Tactic will officially launch on June 25 for the next League of Legends patch update. As of now, it’s still in beta testing but people are seeing a potential for it to grow in the League community.

What can you say about League of Legends’s Teamfight Tactics game mode? Does it sound better than Dota Auto Chess? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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