Riot prepares the stage for the new ranked season for League of Legends. And to hype up for the new season, they released LoL’s newest cinematic Awaken!

Ever since, League of Legends is known for their visually pleasing cinematics. Not only in the game itself but also for their promo videos. Riot Games produces top-notch videos with stunning animation while incorporating the compelling stories in the League universe.

And since the new ranked season is starting, they’ve prepared a new cinematic to hype up the Summoners. Welcoming them this new season is Awaken, a three-minute video masterpiece of Riot Games. Awaken features fan-favorite champions in their respective lore locations.

The champions featured in Awaken are Jhin, Draven, Irelia, Camille, Riven, Sion, Karma, Akali, Yasuo, and Kennen. Camille is staking out Jhin in a deserted theater to arrest him. On the other hand, Irelia is leading the Ionian forces to battle against Sion’s Noxian army. Karma, Yasuo, Kennen, and Akali joins her in battle as well. And lastly, Riven is in a coliseum, fighting gladiators and Draven as well. Each scene shows a battle in each lore but not showing who wins.

[media-credit name=”League of Legends” align=”alignnone” width=”696″][/media-credit]

If you take a closer look in the video, every frame is of high quality. From the character design, smooth animation movements and the effects. Everything looks perfect and real-life if you ask me. Especially for the close-up of Irelia.

Aside from the pleasing visuals, the background song ‘Awaken’ makes it more epic. It’s an original song of Riot and Mako’s Alex Seaver, featuring the vocals of Valerie Broussard. Seriously, the song accompanying the video is just perfect! It complements every scene in the video and gives you goosebumps.

Furthermore, there will be new features in League that you should watch out for. Two new ranked tiers are added, Iron and Grandmaster. They will also be introducing position ranking where you can have a separate solo queue of any of the five positions in the game.

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