Kingdom Hearts mobile game, previously announced as Project Xehanort. And just a few weeks ago, it’s official name has been announced as Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. 

Now, a new development of the game has been revealed. Apparently, it will be launched within the Kingdom Hearts Union χ as a new game. In case you didn’t know, Union χ is the 11th game of the KH  series exclusive to iOS and Android platforms.

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Furthermore, it was clarified that Dark Road will be a standalone game that can be played without playing Union χ.

Photos of the upcoming game have been uploaded on the official website of Kingdom Hearts.

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Lastly, a Kingdom Hearts Union χ Kingdom Hearts Dark Road campaign will be held once the game has been released in Spring 2020. Players can opt to complete their Union X Medal Album to trade in for Cards in Dark Road. However,  only players who have played KHUX before the release of KHDR will be eligible. So what are you waiting for?

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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Just when you thought the Xehanort saga was over, Square Enix comes up with a new Kingdom Hearts Dark Road following Master Xehanort’s story of how he fell into the darkness and became the game’s antagonist.

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We’ve already seen him on Kingdom Hearts III and Birth By Sleep but this ongoing project will focus on a young Xehanort and dive deeper into his origins before he set out to claim Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts is a series of action role-playing games in collaboration between Disney Interactive and Square Enix.

Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

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