Brace yourself, fighting game enthusiasts! Because Tekken producer, Katsuhiro Harada might bring Jollibee to Tekken after all!

Following the hype of Rev Major 2019 last weekend, Katsuhiro Harada, the man behind Tekken, revives his old tweet about adding Jollibee to the game’s ever-growing pool of characters!

Chief producer and the mastermind of Tekken 7 visited the country a few days ago for Rev Major 2019. It’s the biggest offline multi-title fighting game tournament in the country. It hosted not only Tekken 7 but also numerous fighting game titles like Street Fighter. This attracted almost everyone in the local fighting game community. But what caught everyone’s attention was the participation of international players and talents. Especially the one and only Katsuhiro Harada. The man behind the popular fighting game, Tekken.

Five years ago, Harada-san tweeted about considering Jollibee as a playable character in his popular fighting video game. It was after a Twitter user asked him to add Filipino characters in the game. He did follow though with Josie Rizal instead in 2015, the direct counterpart of Philippines, national hero, Jose Rizal.

But with the resounding success of Rev Major, it seems that Jollibee in Tekken 7 might be a possibility after all. Especially with the enthusiastic appearance of Josiebee and his cryptic revival of his 2014 tweet! He posted a few photos of a Jollibee plastic bag and a cup with the hashtag #RevMajor2019.

Even with the conclusion of Rev Major 2019, everyone is still caught up with the hype. And if the addition of Jollibee pushes through, this only means that there’s a whole lot in store for the SEA fighting game community. Most especially for the Philippines.

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