Despite not qualifying for the Chongqing Major, OG announces that iLTW will stay with OG for Stockholm Major EU Qualifiers.

With Anathan “ana” Pham still in an indefinite leave, OG recent stand-in for him is Russian player Igor “iLTW” Filatov. OG had a rough start with the new DPC season with ana gone in their team. However, they were able to fill him in with another mechanically-gifter youngster in the form of iLTW. And they have announced that iLTW will play with them for the Stockholm Major EU Qualifiers.

Before iLTW, Anders “Pajkatt” Lille substituted for ana as position 1. However, after getting sick during the middle of the Bucharest Minor, iLTW stood in for him. Despite getting well, OG had to let go of Pajkatt because of chemistry issues. iLTW then became the official stand-in for OG from then on. With their lineup complete, OG finished 6th place at the Bucharest Minor. But after that, they failed to qualify for the Chongqing Major, losing early in the qualifiers. However, OG still showed promise in improving their team.

And with the Stockholm Major in the works, fans got curious if iLTW will still continue with OG for the next coming tournaments. Just a day ahead for the EU Qualifiers of the Stockholm Major, the organization posted an update on their social media accounts. The post confirmed that iLTW will be playing for OG for the EU Qualifiers. For the Stockholm Major, 3 slots are allotted for European teams. So far, OG is faring well in the qualifiers. OG’s in the Upper Bracket and will face Ninjas in Pyjamas. They have to win against NiP to secure a slot for themselves. If they lose, they’ve had to go through the Lower Bracket with 2 series to get a slot for them.

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