After winning a do-or-die series against Neon Esports, IamPoint Club comes out victorious as ANGGAME China vs SEA champion!

Last January 18, Chinese team IamPoint Club defeated SEA team Neon Esports in the ANGGAME China vs SEA Finals. Battling for the championship title and prize money of $14,164, IamPoint Club seized victory after a 3 – 1 score.

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ANGGAME China vs SEA is an online Dota 2 tournament for Chinese and SEA teams. 8 teams from the regional qualifiers competed.

In a best-of-five series, the Chinese team was able to upset their contender, Filipino team Neon Esports. To be honest, their victory was quite unexpected. Indeed, it was since Neon Esports beat them beforehand in the playoffs.

IamPoint Club showed good performance in the early stages of the tournament. However, Neon Esports had a pretty consistent winning streak all throughout the competition. During the Upper Bracket matches of the Playoffs, they even managed to defeat IamPoint Club at some point. It was a clean sweep of 2 – 0. However, this did not hinder IamPoint Club to win in the Lower Bracket Finals.

But the Chinese team was able to bounce back in Lower Bracket Finals! Eventually, they managed to earn the spot for the Grand Finals against Neon Esports. It was indeed a tough fight. But IamPoint Club showed no pressure against the team who beat them before. There were able to get the first win. But Neon Esports got them at Game 2. Which quite put a lot of pressure to IamPoint Club.

But in an unexpected turn of events, the Chinese team was able to sweep 2 consecutive wins. This granted them the championship. It was indeed an intense game but they were able to break through the Filipino team. Both teams displayed great drafting skills and adaptability throughout the series.

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