Calling out all Mobile Legends players out there! Are you ready to see the game’s revamp? Catch it right here!

In case you missed it, a major change went our way on Tuesday as Mobile Legends revealed its much-awaited revamp. After months of teasers, Mobile Legends 2.0 is finally here! And here’s everything you need to know!

According to the MLBB Team, they have initiated a “secret project titled, Evolution, to offer you an all-new UI interface! This upgrade will lead the UI interface into a 2.0 era, greatly improving its quality and offering you a refreshing game experience!”

1. A cleaner and cooler UI (User Inferface)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Very different from the original Mobile Legends UI, you will be first met with a revamped battlefield. Presented in CG format, This new look makes everything more vivid and pleasing to the eye including a more map focused menu with all-new riverways, jungles, and creep’s nests.

“This upgrade prioritizes battlefields, the essential element of MOBA game, bringing them back to the center of the player’s attention and catering to the players’ habits. Thus, it makes the layout of the whole UI interface more sensible,” said MLBB in their Facebook page.

Furthermore, the mobile games’ new interface chooses blue as the main color with hints of different shades of blue to create a cleaner and more harmonious feel. The color, gold, was used as an accent to show a sense of nobleness and further improve the quality of the game.

“In the all-new UI 2.0, a dynamic fog particle effect will be employed uniformly, replacing the existing flicker effect, and assorted with gentle shading, making the whole interface look graceful and feel more real, which further enhances the quality of the game.”

2. Optimized interaction

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Besides the all-round upgrade in appearance, the Mobile Legends UI  has also optimized its interaction. Meaning, you will enjoy a better interactive experience just by tapping the screen with unique sounds–all-in-one audio and visual experience! But that’s not all! Moonton said that “the interactive logic of UI 2.0 has been systematically improved, the interaction becomes more convenient for players.”

3. Reduced memory for smooth performance

Image result for mobile legends new user interface

Last but not least, Moonton did us a favor by improving MLBB’s appearance and interaction without compromising the memory requirements for our phones. Because of the interactive logic upgrade we mentioned a while ago, the memory usage for this game has actually dropped. Guess this means no more lag or spiking in this new update, eh?

What do you think of the new Mobile Legends UI revamp? Are you excited to try it out? Feel free to tell us your thoughts and questions down below! Or you can hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. And if you liked this story, make sure to stay tuned here on U Do U for more updates!