After losing all their games in day 1, Team Grumpy bounces back and comes out victorious as FSL Elite Mobile Legends champion!

During the Day 1 playoffs of FSL Elite Mobile Legends, Team Grumpy surely flopped. Losing all their games among their competitors, it was a bad start. But on Day 2, it seems like they’ve found their footing and managed to climb back from the Lower Bracket to the Grand Finals. But the magic does not end there as they bulldoze SFI Queens in the Grand Finals with a crushing 3 – 0 score.

A Cinderella run

After their unimpressive Day 1 performance, everyone’s expectations on Malaysia and Singapore’s representative dropped down. They found themselves at the Lower Bracket, where they have to grovel their way up. And surprisingly, they did. Game after game, they found themselves winning until they were at the Grand Finals, facing the dominating SFI Queens from Malaysia.

It was a best-of-five match against the top seed, SFI Queens. Despite the pressure on them, Team Grumpy tried to keep up and demonstrate their strength. With their unorthodox picks, they startled SFI Queens. In Game 1, Team Grumpy showed their aggressiveness and determination. They tried to push back SFI Queens in the early game which proved useful. Though SFI Queens tried to counter even with just their Nexus standing, Team Grumpy has it in the bag.

The same thing happened in Game 2 and Game 3. Team Grumpy secured the early lead advantage in order to put SFI Queens on the leash. And it proved useful alright. Their early advantage gave them space to farm and easily take their objectives all throughout the game. Beating the top-seeded team was indeed an amazing feat for Team Grumpy. But their Cinderella run was nothing short of being inspirational. Even at rock bottom, they’ve managed to turn the tides around and wing it.

Team Grumpy took the FSL Elite Mobile Legends championship title, along with the SGD $1000 prize money.

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