As Ardent Esports releases their all-female Leauge of Legends roster, we get to see champions who are ready to slay. And there’s no stopping them from reigning supreme at the Summoner’s Rift.

League of Legends has always been a vital part of the local gaming community for so long. Aside from Dota 2, it became one of the staple games that took the helm of esports in the country. Be it for local tournaments, national leagues, and even international cups, Filipino LoL players thrive. In a similar manner, LoL is also a male-dominated game. However, in the past few years, we’ve seen the growth of the community in welcoming female players.

And as the new season dawns, a new team under the banner of Ardent Esports emerges to answer the call. And with their all-female team, their set to take it to new heights. They’ve just recently announced the official roster of the team and it could not get any better if you ask me. So let’s meet the faces of Ardent Esports!


One of the feistiest and well-skilled players, Mariane would be takin on the toplane. She’s quite known for being bold and brave, taking head on even a ragtag of enemies. Even she’s getting ganged up 2 or 3 enemies, she can easily outplay them. (Just wow!) Aside from that, she thinks quick and can perform amazing clutch gameplays that will surely wow you. Definitely small but terrible.


Just like in her former team, Team X, Loise still remains a jungler. If you’ve seen her play, then you’ve probably caught sight of her sick moves. Even under the pressure of creating space for the team, Loise knows how to keep her cool. Being the jungler in the team isn’t an easy feat just because you’re not laning with enemies. But Loise makes it so easy, managing to still keep up in gold and experience, initiating ganks and covering for her teammates at the same time. Way to go! DYK? Lois is also a streamer so you better follow her and catch her streams too! You might get the chance to play with her!


Just like Loise, Jhanelle played under Team X but took the role of support before. But now, as she’s relieved from being the support, she takes on the pressure as being the captain and midlaner of Ardent Esports. While she’s capable as support before, we’re ready to see how she’ll handle the mid lane with her trusty skills and instinct. Aside from being a professional LoL player, Jhanelle is also a streamer. And a business owner and Wargod’s Ambassadress.


Tier One Entertainment streamer talent, Alexa will be filling in as the support for the team. And she’s proven herself to be one reliable support. In addition to sustaining her teammates, Alexa can aid them in team fights as well. She’s got good map awareness and always lets her teammates know about missing enemies diligently. She’ll really take good care of you if she’s supporting you in the lane. Just like Jhanelle, she’s also a brand ambassadress and a model at the same time.


And of course, Jeng will be playing as the carry of the team. She’ll be taking on a huge responsibility of carrying the team during the late game. While this can be a whole lot of pressure, Jeng doesn’t falter under it. She knows who to carry out objectives and eliminate enemies with grace. Even during risky team fights, she can turn the tides around and bring success to the team.

Ardent Esports has yet to reveal when we will be seeing the girls in action. But definitely, we’re seeing them debut their amazing skills at the Summoner’s Rift in no time, especially with Female Esports League on the run. And with the great combination of these one-of-a-kind players, we’re in for an all-out LoL action.

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