Tired of your usual Battle Royal games? Say no more! EA Games presents Apex Legends, a new Battle Royale games that you’ll surely enjoy!

Apex Legends had taken the gaming world by storm! Apparently, EA Games newest game title is everyone’s new Battle Royale favorite. Just recently, Apex Legends caught everyone by surprise after coming out as Top 1 in Twitch. It even knocked out Fortnite, the previous top Battle Royale game in Twitch.

It resembles CS:GO’s Battle Royale Mode and Overwatch in some aspects. Apex Legends puts 20 teams of 3-players in a battlefield in their Titanfall Universe. Overall, that’s 60 players on the battlefield. Players get to pick their choice of champions with different abilities. Champions are divided into different categories like tank, DPS, and support. In addition to that, each hero has their own unique abilities, ultimates, and loadouts. So far, it only has 6 champions to choose from. 2 of the 6 heroes are needed to be purchased.

Like other Battle Royale games, Apex Legends features a circle that closes during the game duration. This makes the map smaller for players to increase player encounters and encourage a battle. Teammates can also revive one another. But they can only revive a fallen teammate if they can get their banner to a respawn area. It’s a bit fast-paced as well so you’ll never know what’s coming your way until your dead.

In terms of design and art, Apex Legends has that checked out. The character designs for their champions are on par with Overwatch. Animations and movements are smooth and aesthetically pleasing. At some point, it gives you mixed feels of Overwatch, CSGO, PUBG, and Fortnite at the same time. But that’s how Battle Royale games evolve, right? Taking a bit of those and a bit of that until you come up with a much unique and better version.

Aside from that, Apex Legends has a slackline system. They are golden ropes all across the map that heroes can attach and glide across. Another good thing is that they have less verbal communication needed in-game. It kind of makes the game less toxic like the others. While it limits the understanding within teams, it decreases the flaming gamers encounter. Instead, it has a Squad Chatter feature that acts as an in-game chat box. Instead of personalized chat, they’ll have a prompt button that can notify their teammates about anything.

As of now, Apex Legends is now on its second week. And somehow, because of the great reception, it’s dubbed as the Fortnite Killer. It still lacks in certain aspects like the champion pool. Apex Legends has a lot of competitors out there, with a longstanding and solid fanbase. But the game is just starting and it definitely has a lot of room to grow. So you better try it out because this is the next level Battle Royale play!

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