Taking down NiP, one of the best teams out there, Gambit Esports wins WePlay! Valentine Madness! It seems that CIS region is seeing another powerhouse team right now.

For the second time around, Gambit Esports takes another WePlay! Madness title after winning against Ninjas in Pyjamas. In the recent WePlay! Valentine Madness, Gambit Esports demonstrates their strength with nearly-superior drafting and plays during the whole tournament. Gambit won $50,000 USD at the WePlay! Valentine Madness last February 16, 2019.

Gambit faced NiP during the Winner’s Round 3. Indeed, it was a close match for their best-of-three series but it was NiP who won. While NiP advanced to the Winner’s Final, Gambit was knocked down to the Loser’s Round 3. The CIS team had to fight through the Loser’s bracket in order to take the other slot to the Grand Finals. Gambit had one foot in the grave during their Loser’s Bracket run and one misplay would cost them the slot for the Grand Finals. Though they dropped one game for each game they had with The Pango, Alliance and Na’Vi, Gambit never wavered.

And after their Cinderella run, they faced NiP again at the Grand Finals for revenge. Gambit’s FNG, one of the best drafters in CIS region, took the chance to combat NiP’s ppd. Despite losing the first game of the best-of-five series, Gambit found the best solutions to outdraft NiP. FNG’s Visage-Tusk combo became the foundation of Gambit’s pushing strategy in Game 2. In Game 3, FNG countered ppd’s Keeper of the Light with Nyx Assassin which paid off in the late game. And on Game 4, Gambit countered NiP’s KoTL again, but this time with a Night Stalker. Gambit won 3 – 1 over NiP with 3 consecutive wins.

Valentine Madness would be Gambit Esports second title from the WePlay! installment. Just last month, Gambit took the grand champion title against their contender, OG, on the WePlay! Winter Madness. As of now, the CIS team would be participating in ESL Katowice 2019 this week, along with 11 other teams.

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