Started from the bottom and now they are here! GGTY shocks the whole community as they take the FSL LoL Philippines championship title in a perfect no-loss run!

From a no-name team to a champion-in-the-making, GGTY takes home more than what they bargained. The newly formed all-female League of Legends team was crowned champions in the previous FSL LoL Philippines. And much to everyone’s surprise, they manage to defeat many well known fan-favorite teams in the community.

GGTY was just one of the 16 teams that aspired to represent the Philippines in the upcoming FSL League of Legends tournament in Singapore.

Aside from newcomers, the Philippine leg of the tournament featured highly regarded all-female LoL teams. Particularly, Ardent Esports, Pacific Purple, La Liga Pilipinas, and Team Amplfy. But it did not faze the green GGTY. Because they seriously kicked ass during the whole tournament.

During Day 1, they emerged as the top team with a score of 4 – 0. It was during in Day 1 that they defeated fan-favorites Ardent Esports. Their victory over Ardent secured them the slot to the Bo3 Grand Finals on Day 2. While some says it was just a fluke, but that fluke dropped Ardent Esports to the lower bracket. Ardent managed to fight their way through from the lower brackets up to the grand finals during Day 2.

It seemed that Ardent Esports was hellbent on exacting their revenge on GGTY. But during the Grand Finals, lady luck seemed to be on GGTY’s side. GGTY’s winning lineup: Jax, Syndra, Sivir, Morgana and their winning charm, Ramus. It did sound like a risky lineup for the girls but they managed to make it work to their advantage. Especially the Ramus pick. Game 1 and Game 2 went like a breeze as they emerged victorious with an undefeated winning streak during the tournament.

GGTY will be representing Philippines at the FSL LoL Elite on September 7 – 8 in Singapore. Be sure to support the ladies!

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