GAMES: FrostFire to join FSL Elite League of Legends

FSL Elite League of Legends is just around the corner. And FrostFire just signed up to represent Malaysia!

Female Esports League or FSL will be continuing from where they left off. After the success and conclusion of FSL Elite Mobile Legends, registration for League of Legends tournament is underway. And one of the first few teams who announced their participation is none other than FrostFire from Malaysia.

FrostFire is a multi-title professional esports team in Southeast Asia. Based in Malaysia, FrostFire focuses on developing budding esports talents into fully-pledged professionals in the esports scene. They aim to build up their talents in hopes to compete internationally.

And this time, they’ve formed their first female League of Legends team to compete for FSL Elite League of Legends. Leading the team is Rainie “Elvrina” Wong, with Eric “QaspieL” Sia coaching. Joining the team are Michelle “Effervescent” Lee playing as the AD Carry, and Sarah “Ashera” Cheong as support. Aside from them, they also have Jasmine “Jasmeme” Nadzree, the team’s Toplaner and Hui “Tokkie” Ping as the jungler.

Despite the team being newly formed, their coach QaspieL will be there to support them all the way. He’s a professional League of Legends player in Malaysia that’s known for his amazing skills. At the same time, the girls have been avid gamers themselves so there’s no doubt they have the guts and the skills to make it to the top.

So far, they’re into streaming as well so you can catch their scrims and practices live. FSL Elite League of Legends online qualifiers kicks off this coming July 2019. Be sure to catch all the action at FSL’s official Facebook page, Female Esports League LoL.

Will you be rooting for FrostFire for FSL Elite League of Legends? Are you excited to see who will be the other competing teams? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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