Enter the World of Dragon Nest on 8th January 2020! Pre-register now to receive a special mount on launch! Find out more here:

You may have been familiar with the classic fantasy MMORPG, Dragon Nest, and because we’re nearing the holidays, the creators of the said game have a big surprise coming your way! Recently, game developer Eyedentity Games and publisher Nexon Thailand announced a new mobile open world MMORPG, World of Dragon Nest, coming on January 8, 2020!

Pre-register now for rewards!

Even more exciting news is that pre-registrations are already open! And early bird players who register will receive a special in-game mount upon launch, as well as various prizes worth up to 2,600 PHP!

So if you’re wondering how you can avail these rewards, here are some ways: (1) Pre-register through the App Store or Google Play Store which is coming soon  (2) Pre-register through the official website

Following these steps, you can earn yourself some of these fantastic items when the pre-registration has already reached a specific amount:

150,000: 50 HP Potions
350,000: 2 Normal Resurrection Scrolls
550,000: 100,000 Gold
750,000: 1 Pioneer Gear Box
1,500,000: A Tricycle

Lastly, you can also take part in the Reward Hunter Event wherein all you have to do is like the official Facebook page of World of Dragon Nest and win these when the likes already reached a certain number:

15,000: 3 Normal Resurrection Scrolls
35,000: 5 Cerebus Nest Tickets
75,000: 50,000 gold
150,000: 1 fatigue potion
300,000: 100 red diamonds

So what are you waiting for? Pre-register now!


What do you think World of Dragon Nest? And have you already pre-registered? If you’re excited as much as we are, then head right on over to World of Dragon Nest’s,  official Facebook page at https://www.fb.com/wodseapage!

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