Pinoy favorite TNC.Predator looks forward to getting the SEA slot for the OGA Dota Pit Minor. However, a fellow Pinoy player from WG.Unity, Yowe, demonstrates his skills, knocking them off from their run to the MDL Paris Major.

It would have been indeed an easy win for TNC.Predator in the OGA Dota Pit Minor SEA qualifiers. And it would just be another run in the OGA Dota Pit Minor main event for them to rack some DPC points. Or better yet win the whole Minor and qualify for the MDL Paris Major. But apparently, things went south as they faced WG.Unity in the SEA qualifiers.

TNC faced the Malaysian team, WG.Unity, in the semifinals of the OGA Dota Pit Minor SEA Qualifiers. And to be very honest, no one expected WG.Unity to win against the WESG Champions. It seems to be that their fellow Filipino,Yuri Dave “Yowe” Pacaña, playing for WG.Unity became their downfall. The 16-year-old Immortal Rank 30 player (he’s young, alright), hailing from Cebu, crushed TNC with his team.

Boy Wonder from Cebu

In Game 1, TNC won the early game, from laning phase up to the net worth. They’ve racked up kill after kill, thanks to Gabbi’s sturdy Monkey king and eyyou’s reliable Oracle. But despite the sustain and firepower from TNC, WG.Unity managed to turn the tides of the game. Nikkobaby’s Troll Warlord came online, together with Yowe’s Invoker. As soon as the 25-minute mark came up, it became harder for TNC to counter WG.Unity. Gradually, WG.Unity caught with TNC in terms of net worth while TNC declined over the game. Even with their first and second towers down, WG.Unity played TNC well on the high grounds. And after taking the Aegis and wiping out 4 out 5 players of TNC, WG.Unity took down the throne in an all-mid strike.

As for Game 2, the same pattern happened. TNC took control of the early game. Aside from the gold advantage, TNC took down all first and second towers on the side of WG.Unity. And when the game went on later, WG.Unity, with Yowe’s astounding Troll Warlord, took another all-mid strike all the way to the throne. The loss over WG.Unity concludes TNC’s run while WG.Unity is set to face Boom ID in the Finals.

What can you say about WG.Unity Yowe’s performance at the OGA Dota Pit Minor? Will he be the next Filipino star player in the next coming tournament? Will TNC bounceback from this loss? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think!