Mother of memory!

With the upcoming release of Final Fantasy VII Remake in April, leaks of what appears to be the back cover of the game’s disc case appeared on social media. On Monday,  a Twitter user named Pixelbuster (@Nitomatta) revealed a photo showing a Korean physical copy of FFVII Remake.

And if you also look closely at the blue and white figures before the Square Enix logo, particularly the one with the HDD label, it says there “100GB”, which we can only assume as the game’s file size or the needed disk space to install the game. Although Square Enix hasn’t confirmed yet, what we do know for now is that it will have a reversible cover.

FFVII Remake 100GB

Still, it’s most likely that the FFVII Remake would take up this much storage since from what we saw from the trailers, the graphics are pretty much high definition and new characters as compared to the original title.

On another note, other developments in the game include the reconfirmation of pre-orders due to its delayed schedule.

“Due to the release date change to April 10th, you must opt-in by February 28 for your order to not be cancelled,” according to the official Twitter account of FFVII Remake. “If you do not opt in to keep your pre-order by February 28, your pre-order will be automatically cancelled. We will not be able to reinstate your pre-order, based on limited quantities available.”

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Are you excited about the FFVII Remake which is apparently 100GB in size?

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