You can now take part in the New Gunbound’s closed beta testing and reminisce your childhood!

Prepare for some serious nostalgia!

How can we forget the strategy turn-based game, Gunbound, that swept over Southeast Asia during the 2000s? Unfortunately, the widely popular title shut down its servers back in 2009. However, Softnyx, the original developer of the game, in partnership with Electronics Extreme (EXE) have revealed their plans of reviving the game through a different platform. Introducing…New Gunbound and it’s now available for beta testing!

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A first look

New Gunbound’s closed beta test officially begins today at 5 pm UTC +8 and we’re one of the few lucky users who had the chance to have a look at it. And honestly, we felt nostalgic after seeing iconic elements of Gunbound in this new game. But now, the difference is that we get to play it at the palm of our hands.

So for those die-hard fans of the original Gunbound game who are itching to get some deets about New Gunbound, we’re pleased to share with you the things we loved when we tried the beta version.

Cute characters and mobiles

New Gunbound

Staying true to its roots, New Gunbound didn’t forget to include its iconic 2D characters that have made our battles more fun. And not to mention our cute yet deadly rides. We get the same features the original game has to offer such as customizing avatars and also upgrading mobiles.

New Gunbound


New Gunbound

New Gunbound also introduces two game modes namely Adventure and Battle mode. In Battle mode, you can choose from different options such as Real Time 2 vs 2, Turn 2vs 2, and Custom. While for Adventure mode, there are various areas that you have to explore.

New Gunbound

New Gunbound

Original gameplay

New Gunbound

Basically, it’s Gunbound but played on your mobile phone. When you try New Gunbound you will still have exhaust all your brainpower in winning the game. You have to take into consideration mobility, power, trajectory, and wind direction, all the while cooperating with your teammates!

Let’s not forget about rewards and freebies!

If you also want to experience New Gunbound, beta testing is still available until January 22, available on both Google Play and App Store. However,  Apple users have to hurry up because the tester limit is only 10,000. Oh! Did we also mention that there are some in-game events ongoing that let you win rewards? Find out here! And if you also pre-register now, you can get some cool freebies when the actual game is released! What are you waiting for!

What do you think of New Gunbound? Will you be trying it out when it’s released? And did you also experience nostalgia?

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