Chinese Dota 2 teams are being bashed by Chinese fans for their underperformance during The International 2019. And it’s not looking good…

Chinese fans are still hung up as to why their favorite teams lost in the recently concluded The International tournament. Considering they had the home-court advantage, none of the Chinese teams were able to secure the aegis or even make it to the grand finals. Many are saying this is because of their “underperformance” but is this really the reason for it?

China’s TI9 run came to a bitter end as the only remaining Chinese team was defeated by Liquid in the lower bracket. This, of course, was not the outcome the Chinese community had expected since LGD was so close to the aegis last year after coming face-to-face with this year’s and last year’s champs, OG, in the grand finals. It is also quite worthy to note that Vici Gaming, a Chinese Dota 2, also came out strong and was a candidate for being the next TI winners.

Reddit attacks

Now, Chinese fans are demanding back their cheers and they’re coming heavy, especially on LGD’s Ame.

A Chinese Reddit user took the time to ask which The International did LGD’s carry, Ame, played worst. The options include TI7, TI8, TI9, or Ame, which is a real mock to the Dota 2 player. Many were quick to comment on this thread saying:

“There’s no Tis where Ame choked the most, he choked in all 3 TIs.”

“I thought he’d mature as a player eventually, but it turns out he’s not a normal person to begin with.”

“The scary part is that he will choke even harder in the next TI.”

“No, the scariest part is that he’s CN Dota’s best carry.”

Even more, Ame placed first in a poll created by another Chinese Reddit user in which he asks, “Which Chinese Dota player should get replaced?” Coming next to Ame, is Vici Gaming’s paparazzi, another carry.

Our sentiments

Well, we can understand why many Chinese fans shunned the Chinese teams. After all, LGD is China’s most successful Dota 2 organization despite never winning The International. LGD even topped six overall in the 2018-2019 DPC season and Vici Gaming coming at 3rd. Most definitely, Chinese fans are in shock, however, this should not be an excuse to their rude behavior towards the respectable members of Chinese Dota 2 teams. Just because they lost another TI doesn’t mean they should be called out for “underperformance”. Yes, there may be mistakes in their part of the game but isn’t it natural to commit “chokes”? We should all keep in mind that these people we’re bashing are professionals, meaning they’ve earned the right to be called one because of their skills. A lost is a lost. So let’s not be sore losers and let’s remember to always create a healthy gaming environment.

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