You still have a few days left to celebrate the Chinese New Year through Dota 2’s The New Bloom event!

Chinese New Year has entered and to celebrate this remarkable event, Dota 2 launched The New Bloom event. Since February 1, you’ll get a chance to win amazing rewards while playing Dota 2. The event will end on February 11, 2019, but players still have time to make the most out of the event.

Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year is a public holiday in China that is celebrated as well in other countries. According to Chinese mythology, a dragon-like beast called Nen (Nián) emerges from the sea at the beginning of the year to scour for food. And in order to lure it away is to make some noise or hand red-colored items around their homes. That’s why Asian countries hand red lights, wear red outfits, and light fireworks to scare them away. Valve has incorporated the idea of Nián to The New Bloom event.

But before winning anything from the event, players need to go through the rewards line and gain experience points. Experience points are earned from victories in matches from February 1 to February 11.

  • 200 points for winning the usual selection,
  • 100 for Turbo,
  • 1250 points for the first successful game in a day.

Players can win an Immortal Nian courier from The New Bloom wheel spin. Aside from that, players get a consumables bundle on their first level. From then on, they will receive new sound chat wheels, boot screen and New Bloom Spin tickets they can give to their friends. The New Bloom Spin Tickets gives them free spins in the wheel of rewards. The wheel of rewards can give treasure sets and of course, the very rare Immortal Nian courier.

So better grind until The New Bloom event lasts! And go win that Immortal Nian courier!

How many points have you earned for The New Bloom event? Where you able to get the Nian courier? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.