And as if Valve didn’t already give us one hell of an event, now, they’re coming out with two new Dota 2 heroes!

Valve unveiled two new heroes soon to be battling in the Dota 2 arena at the just-finished The International tournament. Both of the heroes will be coming to our screens on the upcoming major Dota 2 patch titled “Outlanders Update”! Although there’s not much info, Valve said they will release the heroes on fall. And the two heroes will also be available soon in Dota 2 Underlords!

We know you want to know every bit of details about these heroes. Luckily for you, we just did our research!


In the teaser video Valve released, Snapfire is as a little, cute, yet feisty grandma whose attacks might just be from her freshly baked cookies and firearms! We speculate that she may be a support hero as her treats give buffing abilities, although, we’re not so sure what she specifically buffs. She also wields a shotgun, which just might be her normal attacks. This grandma also rides an adorable fire-spitting lizard who may just have its own attacks. Based from the video, the small creature spits a ball of fire on Timbersaw, which will make you think it’s an armor reducing ability!

And also FYI, Snapfire is from the Keen race of Dota 2! If you’re wondering, the Keen Folks are techy humanoids in the world of Dota 2. They are known for dismissing the magical arts in favor of more developed technologies like firearms, rockets, and lasers. You may be familiar with some Keen heroes in Dota 2 like Sniper, Gyrocopter, and Techies because of their somewhat alike appearances and attacks.

Watch the trailer above to get to know our endearing granny!

Void Spirit

Void Spirit is a brand new addition to the Celestial Spirit Brothers: Ember Spirit, Earth Spirit, and Storm Spirit, with each being a revered master to their respective element. Going back to the name “Void”, we are assuming the new hero will be like Faceless Void, having the ability to manipulate time and space. Although the trailer gives away less than of Snapfire’s, fans are speculating Void Spirit having the ability to teleport from the map as to where he leaves his remnants. If you’re a true Dota 2 fan, you probably know how the spirit brothers have high mobility because of their remnants.

Dota 2's Monkey King comic seems to be teasing a brand new spirit hero

Talks of this new hero have been circulating for some time now. Considering when Valve released Monkey King, they show the furry trickster going head-to-head with the elemental spirits: Xin the Ember Spirit, Raijin the Storm Spirit, Kaolin the Earth Spirit, and an unknown fourth Spirit!

A lot of mystery still surrounds the two heroes, so the only thing we can do now is to wait! But one thing is for sure though, these heroes are coming in no time and you’ll most definitely be seeing them in many public matches. Let the cancer games begin! Are you all excited? Because we know we are!

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