EternalEnVy’s decision to kick off Gunnar and Newsham from Team Team during ESL One Mumbai backfires. Members of the Dota 2 community speaks up about the loophole the issue poses in the DPC season.

Once again, Jacky “EternalEnVy” Mao shocks the community after getting  2 of his teammates kicked off from Team Team. Nico “Gunnar” Lopez and Jason “Newsham” Newsham were part of the Team Team roster that qualified for the upcoming MDL Disneyland® Paris Major. But after placing last in the recent ESL One Mumbai, they got kicked off from the team. And the worst part is that the tournament hasn’t completely ended yet when they were kicked off.

According to reports and an interview with Gunnar during ESL One Mumbai, they were both expecting a kick. Just before they hit the roads for ESL One Mumbai, they were kind of informed that they will be released from Team Team. It was a unanimous decision that everyone has agreed upon. But not after the Paris Major. Apparently, they’ve already had a meeting regarding a roster shuffle to happen right after the Paris Major ends. Which is on May 12. So it means that the two of them would have to find a new team in the middle of the season. And they won’t be participating on the Major that they played the qualifiers for. Bummer.

Aside from that, Gunnar mentioned that EE “doesn’t seem to like him”. Despite being teammates, he said that the issue might have been something personal between him and EnVy. But as for his other teammates, he has no beef with them. Nevertheless, it would be tough for both Gunnar and Newsham to find a new team in the middle of the season. Especially with no DPC points to give as a player.

Community retaliates against EE

The drama became the talk of the town and caused an uproar in the community. It’s not just the fans but also the players, analysts, casters, and hosts took their stand amidst the drama. For starters, it wasn’t just a drama. It was a matter of pride and integrity among players, teams, and organizations. True, the esports industry can be harsh and punishing.

However, for Gunnar and Newsham, it shouldn’t be. The team might not have delivered the best performance they’ve had during the ESL One Mumbai, however, the two of them did their part in qualifying for the Paris Major. Some criticized EE for doing the same kick off way back in his time with Fnatic. The boys deserve the right to play in the upcoming Major, especially for helping the team take a slot for it. And to just see that opportunity slip from your grasps in daunting, really.

In addition to that, well-known Dota personalities like Kyle Freedman expressed their disappointment with EE. And even to the people who still defend him after screwing over his teammates. During ESL One Mumbai, Kyle emphasized, “it’s about time that a lot of you stop rooting for the villain”.

The whole debacle exposes the loophole on the rules set by Valve for the whole Dota Pro Circuit season. Since the rules involving roster shuffles changed, it became an issue among independent stacks across all regions. Kicking off players just in time for a Valve-sponsored event proves disadvantageous for the players themselves. While they are off looking for a new team, their previous team gets to bask in the DPC points they’ve earned from them. Sketchy as it sounds but so far, no rules forbid this from happening.

Valve hasn’t stepped in or made an official statement about what happened. However, everyone in the community hopes that this will be fixed soon.

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