Diggie is a literal suicide bomber in this Mobile Legends feeding tactic

Beware of this trap.

I have recently encountered this weirdly effective winning strategy on ML in which the Diggie user from the opponent would simply head straight to your side of the battlefield, and feed himself to your team’s carry. As the acting support for my team’s core hero, I bit the trap. I kept on setting up plays for my marksman so he could kill Diggie, who was roaming freely around our area as if offering itself as a free Chicken meal.

To be fair, it’s not an unusual thing to happen when some crybaby is not pleased with their teammates’ picks, so they just feed themselves to the enemy right away instead of exerting effort only to lose the match in the end. Considering the fact that our opponents were composed of three fighters, one mage, and Diggie as the support, we thought that was the case this time. Their lineup, after all, was not the usual one offlaner, an assassin, a mage support, a tank, and a marksman.

We just took one kill after another, our greedy asses enjoying the entire process. Diggie’s passive called ‘Young Again’ turns him into an egg that can still move around after he gets killed, and he stays that way until he gets resurrected again wherever he is on the map. For the first ten minutes, we were basically stuck in a cycle of killing Diggie, waiting for him to come back to life, and sending the poor flightless bird back to his egg form.

We thought we were winning.

If you have never encountered this tactic before, you won’t realize it until it’s too late. Worse, you won’t be the one to actually realize it if you are the enemy’s little guinea pig, because chances are, you’ll be awash in the delusion that your 10 consecutive kills (and counting) are taking your team to a victorious finish. Usually, it’s the ones on the side lanes who will see what’s happening, and they will tell you in the team chat, “Tama na kill, bubu. Natatalo tayo. (Enough with the kills, idiot. We’re losing.)”

It turns out that you are, indeed, losing. Your team’s overall gold is dramatically lower than your opponent’s. Their carry has acquired more buffs than yours. And they are burning down your turrets quickly.

This is the result of our match in question.

Why did it work?

Because every now and then, we get to play alongside trolls who offer free kills to the enemy when they get overwhelmed by emotions, Montoon has found a way to deal with these people. The developers have built a gold system in which a hero with 8 consecutive kills from an opponent hero with no-kill stat will earn zero gold.

As we know it, when you kill a hero, you get 200 golds. This amount decreases each time that hero dies. Kill it the second time, you get 170 golds. Kill it the third time, you get 140 golds. The eighth time you kill the same hero, you get nothing. Hear that, feeders? You get nothing!

Another reason why this strategy works is that in a game where every second counts, it gives Diggie’s teammates much more time to fulfill certain objectives. Also, since Diggie has the gift of immortality and you can’t touch him in his egg form, he can stroll around the map and give his teammates information of where everyone is. He can reveal if your team’s damage dealers are on the far side of the battlefield, allowing his teammates to push a weakly defended lane and farm easily. With the retribution spell, Diggie can even steal enemy buff.

Does this tactic work with other heroes?

Diggie is the only hero that doesn’t get sent back to the base upon being killed. He’s the only one with the skill to resurrect anywhere on the map. That makes him the ideal hero for this feeding tactic– a suicide bomber, literally.

What do you think about this Mobile Legends strategy?

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