Is it being ignorant or facing your fears?

Following the coronavirus outbreak, a weird (but with reason) game has been trending all over China.

On Wednesday, the human annihilation strategy simulation, Plague Inc., suddenly topped the Chinese iOS download charts. Surprisingly, the game has been around since 2012 but because of the real-time events happening, users have found it very timely to play.

In Plague, players are tasked to develop a deadly virus and erase human civilization. And from there, they must devise a plan to avoid treatment through mutations and upgrading the pathogen’s attribute before scientists develop a cure.

An unusual way to cope

With what’s happening right now and the death counts coming in, the game’s setting is very similar and it appears there’s an attraction to that? According to users, it’s a form of coping with the disease.

On another note, the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) Asia-Pacific CS:GO finals tournament was cancelled due to the said outbreak. A confirmed case was found in Macau, where the event was supposed to take place.

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