GAMES: Comparing the Nintendo Switch v2 Versus Switch

You haven’t heard about the new Nintendo Switch v2? Well, we’re just as surprised! But how does it compare to its older sibling and is it worth switching to?

With everyone anticipating the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch Lite on September 20, 2019, it came as a surprise to most that Nintendo released a second edition to the Nintendo Switch called the Nintendo Switch v2. It’s quite curious since judging solely on face-value there were no changes at all and that there was no buzz about its release either. The original Nintendo Switch was released back in 2017 and two years later here are the changes that Nintendo gives us:



If you’re really looking into buying the Nintendo Switch v2, look for the red box. The (ehem, only) visual difference between the original Switch and that of the v2 is the packaging. The Nintendo Switch v2 sports an all red and bolder packaging, compared to that of its predecessor’s white and red lackluster box. Since most local retailers and online sellers are still selling the original Switch it is important to know that you’re not being scammed into buying the older version.

Battery life

This is probably the most significant change in the Nintendo Switch v2. It now has up to 4.5–9 hours of battery life. Compared to its predecessor that only had up to 2.5–6.5 hours of battery life. This makes a huge difference for mainly portable players who are always on the go. Sure battery attachments exist for the Nintendo Switch but if you had the Nintendo Switch v2 and an external battery pack that is a significant amount of time that you won’t need to be near a plug.

Brighter screen


Although subtle, Reddit users pointed out that the Nintendo Switch v2 now sports a brighter screen with a warmer tone. It’s still very difficult to see if you use it in broad daylight but it is definitely brighter. If you prefer a cooler looking tone when playing portable, this is something to consider.

Price difference


Yes, you get 40% more battery life and a slightly brighter screen, but is it all worth it? Today the SRP of the Nintendo Switch v2 stands at 16, 995php and the original Nintendo switch at 14,500php. Even if you could afford the 2,495php difference in price, is it worth the hassle of selling off your old Switch and buying the Nintendo Switch v2?

Portable vs Docked


Whether you like to sit back on the couch and play games on your TV or bringing your console out and about to play with friends, the Nintendo Switch V2 can now accommodate both. But if you’re not exactly sure what kind of gamer you are yet or want the ease of being able to do both the new Nintendo Switch v2 is for you. More so if you haven’t bought the original Nintendo Switch back in 2017.

Another thing to note is that the New Nintendo Switch v2 does not sport any new colors and the plastics all essentially feel the same. At the end of it, all that matters is what kind of playstyle you prefer. If you’re more into portable gaming then you should consider upgrading to the Nintendo Switch v2 and sell off your original Switch, while it still holds value. Especially if you’ve thoroughly used your Switch and were thinking of buying a new one anyway. But if portability is not an issue and your old one still works and looks great,  then it is definitely not worth the trouble to upgrade. Spend that extra money on external battery packs instead.

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