Despite being the most anticipated Dota 2 tournament every year, The International 2019 doesn’t seem to have the best crowd to start with.

For 9 years running, Valve has boasted The International as one of the biggest esports tournaments ever. And The International 2019 makes no exception to that fact. However, after an incident of the Chinese crowd booing Filipino team, TNC.Predator, the home crowd for TI9 might seem a bit biased.

The International has always been highly regarded worldwide. Not only for the amazing production value. But also for the amazing crowd that represents the whole Dota community worldwide. Either they are from the hosting country or not. And for the past 9 years, this year’s TI would be the first one that a SEA country will be hosting. Hence, Shanghai, China. And as much as SEA fans love it, it wasn’t what they were expecting it to be.

TNC vs Vici Gaming debacle

TNC and China had a very rough patch during the start of the season. And it’s because of TNC’s Kuku Palad being involved in a racism issue against Chinese players. This caused him to be benched for The Chongqing Major, as requested by the Chinese government. And it seems that the wound hasn’t healed yet.

During their entrance at the main stage against, Vici Gaming, it was evident that TNC was getting booed by the crowd.

When a non-chinese team makes a play from DotA2

Not only that, there are a few incidents during the Group Stages where the Chinese crowd would stay silent when a non-Chinese team makes a great play against a Chinese team. There are still a few Chinese fans out there cheering for non-Chinese teams. However, the majority of them shows their distaste to the latter. Which is disappointing, to be honest. And fans are very vocal regarding the rudeness that teams are experiencing.

It’s not confirmed though, but Twitch viewers are doubting the crowd hype or noise they are hearing during the live stream. Some are saying that it’s a fake hype noise, probably from the soundboard. Since the Chinese crowd isn’t that welcoming to other participating teams.

The International brings the community together as one. And this kind of treatment towards the players and teams shows the lack of appreciation to them. Chinese team or not, every team deserves some respect, to say the least. Dota 2 isn’t just a game. The Dota 2 community thrives through strong relationships and good sportsmanship. And if the integrity of the values Valve and Dota 2 upholds crumble, isn’t that just a slap on the face on the people who believed in them since Day 1?

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