Sketchy as it may sound but apparently, TNC Predator hasn’t received their winnings from China Top 2017.

Just recently, Filipino Dota 2 Team, TNC Predator, called out esports organizer China Top in a Reddit post. According to the said post, TNC hasn’t received their winnings nor heard from the organizers themselves.

Last November 2017, Filipino Dota 2 team, TNC Predator participated in China Top 2017. With their solid lineup, captained by Theeban “1437” Siva, the team won against VGJ.Thunder. Aside from claiming the grand championship title, the team was supposed to get ¥ 1,000,000 or $151,935 USD.

The China General Administration of Sport hosted and organized China Top 2017. The team flew all the way to Shenzhen, China to compete with 3 more teams in the said tournament. During that period, TNC was a rising star among SEA teams. Despite showcasing their strengths, it was no easy feat to defeat VGJ.Thunder. Indeed, it was a huge success for the team, even though it was only a small tournament. But a win is still a win.

Sixteen months later, TNC still hasn’t received any contact from the organizers. The TNC management is still hopeful to settle the issue once and for all. They claimed that they never expected to resort in calling out via social media. However, considering the circumstances, it was long overdue for the winnings they deserved and worked hard for.

So far, China Top and the China General Administration of Sport have yet to respond to the claim.

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